Outreach and Reintegration

Outreach and Reintegration

Pupils who attend one of our alternative provisions and have already been permanently excluded can be reintegrated back into mainstream school. Pupils are identified by staff and a reintegration readiness assessment will be carried out.

Identified pupils will join the reintegration group and a dedicated Reintegration Officer will work with them in setting targets and monitoring progress.

Using the In Year Fair Access Protocol (IYFAP), a school is identified and support is organised by the Advisory Teacher. Pupils are supported for a fixed term in their new school by the Outreach Team. 

Pupils who have been excluded from mainstream school, and who attend our alternative provision, also get support from the Outreach Team, on transition back to mainstream school. For pupils in Year 6, the Outreach teams from primary and secondary schools meet to discuss pupils and their needs. This happens in the spring term.

In September, upon going into Year 7, the primary Outreach team will provide the support in school, usually until around October half term. After this time, the secondary team takes over. We aim to offer support for as long as the pupil needs it but within our resource capability. 

Advice and Support
The Advisory Teacher also supports mainstream schools in strategic planning for behaviour, offering coaching in good practice and building capacity in schools. 

Some of the work done in schools are: 

  • Behaviour audit
  • Case work with individual pupils
  • Support in setting up behaviour policy protocols and policy 
  • Setting up nurture/behaviour units 
  • Whole school INSET and training
  • NQT training
  • Third Sector provision
  • Support in writing CAFs and reports for statutory assessment
  • Parent partnership  
  • Advice and support around the annual review process for statemented pupils.
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