The Behaviour and Education Support Team (BEST) at Park Campus Academy work to support schools, families and children (aged 5-16), who represent a risk of developing emotional and behavioural problems. ​

The team includes a senior specialist educational psychologist and a psychotherapist/play therapist

The range of work carried out by the BEST:

  • Parenting support delivered to individual parents
  • Family support where family issues are impacting on the child’s ability to access the curriculum and benefit from education
  • Individual work with pupils
  • Consultation with staff

Referrals can be made for:

  • Children who would benefit from counselling work
  • Joint work with parents and child
  • Individual work with parents
  • Educational Psychology assessments, advice and strategies towards an Education Health Care Plan

School Counselling

  • Counsellors and psychotherapists are professionals that are trained to listen to people and can help individuals to clarify their thoughts and feelings. Counsellors and psychotherapists work short-term and/or long-term; this varies between six to on-going sessions. Sessions usually take place on school premises and during school time.
  • What is discussed during these sessions is confidential and students are aware of any circumstances in which information may need to be shared with other professionals; e.g. when the person is at risk of being harmed or harming others.
  • Counsellors and psychotherapists, even though independent from the school, work closely with staff members in order to offer students the appropriate support.

Educational Psychology Reports

  • Full psychological assessment and report
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Exam dispensation

School referring an individual pupil to BEST:

  • Please complete the CAF Common Assessment Framework (CAF) (This can be downloaded via the link below and submitted using the form)
  • All individual referrals to work with a pupil must be accompanied by a CAF
  • All individual referrals made will be assessed to ensure that services are not already deployed with the child through other sources 


  • Consultation sessions can be provided to support planning of an individual student or for a group of students. Depending on the nature of the concern consultation sessions can by an individual practitioner or our multidisciplinary team. Schools can also identify a topic for consultation and book a consultation session for a group of staff.
  • A consultation service is available on request to all schools – please just contact us
  • For consultancy and parenting no CAF is required.
  • Consultation sessions can be booked directly with any member of the team
  • Consultation session can look at any issue of concern to the teacher/school including addressing individual student behaviour

Parenting Support Education

  • School can request specific work on parenting with a particular family
  • The approach to parenting support draws on evidence based practice for example Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities.
  • No CAF is required

Bespoke Packages of support:

  • Requests for support can be combined in a bespoke way to include a number of specific service interventions according to the needs of the school.

Please note we can only take referrals from schools. For more information and a referral form, please email: 

To download a copy of the CAF form, please select the following link: CAF Form

Please use the form below when you are ready to submit your form.